Ensemble Repertoire Lists

Each ensemble at Arioso Strings has an extensive repertoire that is the largest in the Triangle. We can often meet special requests for you if the music is available commercially for the Arioso Strings ensemble you are using. Giving you the perfect music for your event is what we do! If you have any questions, please contact us.

There are additional costs for purchasing and adding music that is not in our repertoire. If the song you would like is not on one of these lists, we may have it in our library, so be sure to ask if you donít see it here. We are happy to research and see if it is available for the group you are using. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Contemporary pieces that have not been arranged for a string group can sometimes be professionally scored for one of our ensembles.  We have a professional arranger we can recommend and put you in touch with when the music is not commercially available for the group you are using. The cost for arranging will vary on the amount of time it takes to score the piece and the arranger will give you a quote directly for this.  Please email lucy@ariosostrings.com and we will send you our arranger's contact information.