Solo Guitar Samples

These musical samples are a small part of our guitarist's full repertoire.

Click here for a sample Solo Guitar Repertoire list.

All recorded samples are copyright protected for the use of Arioso Strings Inc. and their clients.


Traditional & Classical Samples
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Popular & Spanish Samples

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Solo Guitar Facts

Our acoustic, classical guitarists are highly trained professionals who can tailor their performance to fit the style of your event. 

Whether you need live music for an upbeat atmosphere, a quiet  sophisticated back ground or the beautiful rendition of wedding classics, the guitar is an instrument that is flexible and elegant.

Easy Set Up:

Our guitarists provide their own amplification system which they set up easily before an event.  They only need access to a power outlet.  This provides enough sound for any small or large event.  For intimate gatherings of less than 12 people no amplification is usually needed, making this an excellent instrument for a small room.