Popular Processional or Bridal Party Samples

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Arioso Quartet and Trio

Ceremony Suggestions and full Quartet and Trio Repertoire list


These are  samples of popular bridal pieces and only a small part of our repertoire.

All recorded samples are copyright protected for the use of Arioso Strings Inc. and their clients.  

Popular Recessional Wedding Samples

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Other Music Samples

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How do I choose the appropriate ensemble for my event?

Several factors should be considered:  the venue, the number of guests you have invited, the style of music you want, and the general ambience you would like to create.  If your event is in a large room or outside and you are inviting over one hundred guests, it is a good idea to use a quartet or trio.  For smaller events in a smaller space (up to sixty or seventy guests) a duo will work well.   

For an especially grand ceremony, you may want to consider highlighting the trio or string quartet with a trumpet.  A trumpet fanfare can add a dramatic and celebratory touch and will capture the guests' attention as the bride enters.

Quartet or Trio?

Though the trio can play all of the standard wedding selections, the Quartet has a larger more versatile musical repertoire.  This makes the ensemble more suitable for a variety of different occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, wedding cocktail hours, receptions, dinners and parties.  It also ensures that when several sets of music are required the music will still be fresh and exciting.   The Trio and Duo do not have the extensive arrangements of Broadway, Pop, Jewish and Latin pieces which are available to the Quartet.

See our full Quartet and Trio Repertoire list here.

All Samples above can be performed by both the trio or the quartet. 

No asterisk on the trio recordings.

* denotes Quartet recording.

** Violin & Guitar recording available for trio and quartet.



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